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Take Control of Your Health

002Take Control of Your Health

Come to this event to experience Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils. Meet and hear Suzanne Le Quesne and/or Sheila Crouch explain how you can create a life of wellness, purpose and abundance. It’s never too late to Take Control of your Health.

Are you so busy looking after everybody else that you neglect your own health?

Don’t live to regret it! Take control of your health today!

* You don’t have to live with chronic pain and inflammation.
* You don’t have to suffer side-effects of medications for ailments like diabetes, high-blood pressure, depression and obesity.
* You don’t have to suffer with the kids always being ill.
* You don’t have to suffer with always being tired.

* You can easily live a vibrant, healthy life every single day.
* You can support and invest in your health now for immediate benefits and to significantly reduce health problems as you get older.

Suzanne Le Quesne strongly believes in a healthy and active lifestyle and does her best to role model that lifestyle to her own family and others. She has over 27 years experience as an holistic health practitioner and educator, with 15 of those years as a Clinical Aromatherapist and has been working with Young Living essential oils since 2011 so has 3 years of product knowledge on how Young Living Essential Oils and supplements support individuals and families – from those who are just choosing to become healthier and more active to those already healthy and active but ready to take it to the next level!

Creating a Lifestyle of Advantages begins by building the pillars for becoming a stronger, fitter, more productive and wealthier you! In this 2 hour seminar you will learn about the tools necessary to live a more fulfilled life brimming with advantages!

Suzanne is an international author, aromatherapist and clinical nutritionist and enjoys walking, hiking and swimming. Suzanne now has a thriving wellness business and enthusiastically leads her customers, clients and team in the areas of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

If you would like Suzanne Le Quesne or Sheila Crouch to present this life-enhancing presentation for your organisation – please email them direct to set a time and a place!  🙂 

A variety of topics will be included in the talk, including:

* Everyday Oils for use as a natural First Aid cabinet
* The Benefits of diffusing essential oils with a ‘cold’ diffuser
* Addressing chemicals in the home – the dangers to your family
* How to improve eye sight and cognitive health with Ningxia Red


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