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Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Feelings Kit 2Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Are sad or bad events from your childhood or other times in your life preventing you living a joyous and vibrant present?

Do you find yourself at the mercy of your emotions?

Is shifting out of a negative emotional state difficult?

Are your sad memories or traumas being stored in your body as pain or disease?

My abridged story: my mother and sister (then aged 13) left me with my father when I was 6 years old – without saying goodbye!  I have no recollection or explanation of why my mother took my sister and left me behind.  Over the next 6 years I received no phone calls, no birthday cards, no letters or visits and still no explanation from my mother or sister or anyone else what was going on.  Then, when I was 12 I was put on an aeroplane and sent, alone, to live with 2 women unknown to me – my mother and my sister!!  This time there were no goodbyes to my father and still no explanations – only the confusion of a child who was afraid to ask questions.  The move back to my mother and sister was initiated by my aunt, who thought I would have a better life with my mother! but no-one thought to ask me!   When I was 21, and old enough to make my own decisions, I returned to the place of my birth to be with my father. 

50 years on I have resolved my feelings of my confused childhood – the feelings of not being cherished, loved, nurtured or protected by my family. Feelings of abandonment, resentment and not being good enough. I did it through EREO – Emotional Release with Essential Oils.  

Emotional Release with Essential Oils (EREO) is a powerful yet gentle technique to release buried emotions or emotional patterns. Let me help you identify the emotions that may be keeping you unwell and not to be able to move forward in life.

Cause of Emotional Patterns: An emotional pattern is a fear-based survival response. The purpose of the ego is to protect us from harm.  The ego is like a big computer – it collects all the data from our life’s experiences, takes everything that is said literally and stores it.  The ego’s protective responses are based on past experiences, so the future responses will be the same unless the program is changed.  As we mature and grow we need to update the ego’s programme to experience our full potential.

Raindrop Training Europe (RTE) offers 3 programmes for Emotional Release with Essential Oils

1.  One to One session – 75e (minimum 90 minutes)Starting with a consultation to identify buried negative emotions showing as pain or disease in your body – identify the opposite positive emotions – followed by the Emotional Release session using the appropriate Young Living therapeutic/medicinal grade Essential Oils. This is a powerful yet gentle technique to release buried emotions and emotional patterns.


Feelings Kit 22. RTE – Emotional Release Class I – 6 hours –  by the end of this class you will be able to: 

  • Describe how emotional and spiritual issues manifest as disease.
  • Recognise how oils can physiologically awaken forgotten traumas sleeping in our tissues.
  • Know what to do if a spontaneous emotional release is triggered during a Raindrop technique session.
  • List books on emotional releasing.
  • List specific oils or groups of oils suited for releasing emotional patterns.
  • Explanation of how to use, and practice in the use of the ‘Personal Release Worksheet’
  • Repeat a script to use for self-releasing.
  • List techniques and procedures for facilitating an emotional release on another person.
  • Watch a full Emotional Release session demonstration
  • Perform a self-releasing session on yourself using the oils you receive when you book for this course – during the ‘self releasing session’ you will be using the Young Living essential oils blends of: Forgiveness, Harmony, Inner Child, Present Time, Release and Valor, and 3 or 4 oils from your Premier Starter kit – Joy, Frankincense, Stress Away and Peace and Calming.

No pre-requisites required

Cost of workshop: 125€

The cost of the workshop will be reduced to 75€ if a selection of following oils are purchased, prior to training,  through Raindrop Training Europe.

Everyday Oils :Joy, Lavender, Frankincense, Peace & Calming, Valor, Peppermint, Lemon, PanAway, Thieves and Purification and the Feelings Kit –  Release, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Harmony, Present Time and Valor – a total of 15 oils plus a FREE Stress Away and an efficient cold vapour diffuser. These oils will enable participants to continue with self releasing sessions at home.


Feelings Buried Alive Never Die3. Emotional Release Class II – 6 hours – for therapists  By the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  • State the theory and philosophy of Emotional Release
  • Understand the Emotional Basics and Why Essential Oils facilitate releases
  • List essential oils to have on hand: singles, blends, kits.
  • Explain and demonstrate Self-Releasing Process
  • Explain Self-releasing examples
  • Process the Script and essential oil
  • Explain what Forgiveness is and isn’t
  • Explain Emotional Release ‘tools’
  • There will be a full ER session demonstration
  • You will perform a full ER session

Pre-requisite – the Emotional Release Class (above) + pre-course reading

Cost of training: 125€ – which which will be reduced to 75€  to students purchasing oils, prior to training, of their choice the value of 100€  from the recommended Emotional Release essential oils below.

Abundance, Acceptance, Awaken, Balsam Fir, Believe, Cedarwood, Envision, Forgiveness, Frankincense, Gathering, Gratitude, Grounding, Harmony, Hope, Humility, Inner Child, Into the Future, Joy, Live with Passion, Magnify your Purpose, *Oregano, Palo Santo, Present Time, RC, Release, Sandalwood, SARA, Transformation, Valor, White Angelica, 3 Wise Men.

*Basil, Thyme, Thieves, Exodus II or other phenolic oils can be substituted for Oregano.

These are very special classes – please contact Suzanne Le Quesne if you require more information.  Class sizes are small – maximum 6 students.


Click here to become a Member of Young Living under Raindrop Training Europe (Suzanne Le Quesne) – if you are not sure what to order, please contact me and I will help you.  

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  1. Hi Suzanne,

    I am interested in your 3 day training in Jersey in september.
    Do you still have space on the course?

    i look forward to hearing from you.
    best wishes

  2. Hi Liz, Thank you for your enquiry, I have sent you a private email. Suzanne Le Quesne

  3. I would like to be certified in this! I am certified in raindrop and love doing that! I live in Co and would love to do this. Can you direct me?

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